WE ARE THE RIGHT CHOICE!

       Our System has a conversational approach and focuses on student language adquisition  developing and practicing the four language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). It offers personalized classes and sessions designed accordingly  to the special learning needs and learning capabilities of each student. Additional activities such as conversational circles, group dynamics, study groups, reading club, writing workshop, and computer lab support students learning.


      Books, Audios and Materials by Oxford University Press. We use the series American Headway “The World’s Most Trusted English Course” that combines a proven methodology with fresh material, testing components and an online bank of digital resources. Students have full access to where they can practice any test in advanced English (TOEFL,YLE, KET, PET, FCE) granted by Cambridge University and recognized worldwide. In addition to Oxford materials, our certified teachers prepare exams, tests, homework, quizes, report cards, attendance reports, certificates,and proof of studies.


     We also offer to each student, free of charge, English/Spanish dictionary, handouts for every class, student practice multi-ROM CD for each level, access to student audio download center, and student ID. We have flexible and special schedules, each student can schedule 1 or 2 hrs every day, and they can reschedule any class in order to give priority to work. Class sessions are:


    Monday through Friday    5:00pm  to  7:00pm  and   7:00pm  to  9:00pm  or

    Saturday from  8:00am  to  12:00pm


            Learning levels offered are four (4) with an approximate duration of four to six months per level (it depends on students ability and effort). Students are able to comunicate in English at an intermediate level after one year of completion of the course program.


            Level 0 BASIC has12 units focused in vocabulary adquisition, everyday situations with present tense practice and past tense, short conversations in basic English, and introduction to the future tense.

            Level 1 INTERMEDIATE has 12 units designed to increase vocabulary, learn more grammar, practice all tenses and increase listening understanding and speaking ability. Students would be speaking English self-confidently.

            Level 2 UPPER-INTERMEDIATE also has 12 units dedicated to deep language immersion. We review all the tenses, work on idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs, and modal conditionals. English is spoken at all times between students and teachers.

            Level 3 ADVANCED covers 12 units of advanced grammar, vocabulary, writing and listening activities. We also work on fluency and accent reduction to help student become bilingual.


            We charge a (non-refundable) enrollment fee of     $  100.00

                                        monthly tuition fee of              $ 300.00.

           However, we offer a reduced tuition for students who have been living in this country for more than one year, have kids been borned in this country or need to learn English to succed in their jobs. The only requirement is that students agree to attend school for six months signing an enrollment contract with the school.  The reduced tuition is as followed:


     Enrollment fee:                                  $  100.00

     Reduced Monthly Tuition:                   $150.00


            We are really excited to work with you and prepare your employees to perform better in what they do. If you need any more information about our school do not hesitate and contact us at (602) 268-7432. We thank you for taking the time to review our program.